521 e-MO product launch press conference in TWN market

November 5, 2009

Taipei, Taiwan. May 21,2009 — E-TON Power Tech Co., Ltd (, a leading EV manufacturer in Taiwan, unveiled the production version of its electric moped, e-MO, to the press on May 21, 2009 at the Red house, a 300-year old building in Taipei. The chairman, Stephan Wu, told the press that not only focusing on the oversea market, E-TON has also noticed the growing demand for green transport from the local market. He annouced that e-MO now is available in around 50 or more point of sales in Taiwan market. This new product launch symbolized that the year 2009 is a beginning of a new era of eco-motion in Taiwan.

e-MO, a greener way to get around

A production version of the E-TON e-MO, first debut at the Intermot Cologne 2008 and received great attention from global buyers, will begin the sales in Europe in 2009 and has recieved orders from France, Austria and Sweden already.

Powered by 100% electricity, the E-TON e-MO, is emissions-free. Equipped with a portable lithium-ion battery pack, the E-TON e-MO provides a solution for urban people living in tall buildings, which enables people to charge their batteries in offices, houses, or anywhere they can find an outlet. With the battery capacity of 480 watt-hr, the cruise range of the E-TON e-MO can reach up to 40 km per charge. Moreover, its successful blend of elegant style and modern design makes the driver an eye-catching spot while cruising along the street.

As the oil price is high and people’s growing concerns for the environment, the E-TON e-MO offers people a greener living choice and fits for urban people to lead an eco-chic lifestyle.

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